Contract for mini credits and online loans

1. Identity and contact details of the lender

Lender Financial Services SL
Registry CIF. B-931342211, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Málaga.
Address Avenue Boulevard Prince of Hohenlohe s / n, Milla de Oro Building, Office 9, 29602, Marbella (Málaga).

2. Description of the main features of the credit product

Type of credit Micro loan online
Total amount of the credit € 100.00
Conditions governing the provision of funds Bank transfer to the current account provided by the client, after analysis and acceptance of the request
Contract period 15 days
Deadlines The borrower will make the cancellation of the loan on the expiration date thereof
Guarantees required You personally guarantee the requested credit
Total amount that you will have to pay € 125.00

3. Credit costs

Debtor type fifteen%
Annual Rate Equivalent 22.711%
Is it mandatory to obtain the credit itself, or, under the conditions offered, take an insurance policy that guarantees the credit, or other accessory service? Do not
Related costs There are no cancellation fees
Amount of the costs for using a specific means of payment (for example, a credit card) For free

4. Other important legal aspects

Right of withdrawal The Borrower will have a period of fourteen calendar days to withdraw from the contract remotely, without indicating the reasons and without any penalty. The right of withdrawal may not be exercised if the Loan has been executed in full by both parties at the express request of the Borrower. The intention to exercise the right of withdrawal shall be communicated in writing to the Lender’s address. The date of this communication must be prior to the expiration of the term included in the previous paragraph. The communication must be duly signed, and must indicate the full name, the number of the National Identity Document (attaching a photocopy of it), the date of conclusion of the contract and the signature. The Borrower must return any amount to the Lender. received from the latter prior to the exercise of the right of withdrawal, as soon as possible and, in any case, within a maximum period of 30 calendar days from the notification of the withdrawal.

If the Borrower exercises the right of withdrawal, the borrower must pay the financial costs incurred during the period in which the Borrower has availability for the loan. Specifically, the Borrower must pay the Lender an interest of 1.3% for each business day since the Borrower could dispose of the loan.

Early repayment You have the right to prepay the credit in whole or in part at any time Yes
Right to a project of the credit contract The Borrower has the right to receive a copy by email prior to the formalization of the loan contract, free of charge
Query a database.
The lender must inform you immediately and without charge of the outcome of a database query if the credit request is rejected on the basis of such a query. This does not apply if the dissemination of such information is prohibited by law or by European Union law or is contrary to the objectives of public order or public safety
Files of economic solvency and credit risks are consulted in the credit risk analysis process. In case the request is rejected, the Borrower will be informed by email

5. Additional information

a) Relative to the lender  
Exercise of the right of withdrawal 14 calendar days
b) Relative to the credit agreement  
Linguistic regime Spanish Language
Existence and access to extrajudicial claim and appeal procedures Claims must be addressed in writing to the Lender’s address or to the email info.